Jewish Conversion


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Jewish Conversion

I am hoping you could help me out with some questions in regards to Conversion for Non-Israeli Citizens. I grew up in a very spiritual home that observed both Jewish and Christian customs. My maternal grandmother was Jewish and converted to Catholicism back in the 1950's. She still kept many of the Jewish customs to herself and they were very important to her. Unfortunately, there isn't enough solid proof that my family can find to prove that. I have always been drawn to a Jewish life and have been involved in my local Jewish community as an adult back in the U.S. It is very important to me that my future children will grow up in a Jewish home and surrounded by the culture. I feel most at home when I am in Israel and want to build a life here that ensures that my future family will be surrounded by the values I hold dear. I am here on a tourist visa and would like to know how I can apply to the conversion process.

I know that the Ministry of the Interior dictates that the only people who may convert in Israel are Israeli citizens.. but is there a way to still be considered if you are a Non-Israeli citizen? What is the best way to proceed?


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Jewish Conversion

Dear Sir,

As mentioned at the Israeli Government Portal > Guides > Conversion to Judaism:

Conversion is a process in which a person changes his current religion to Judaism. Israel is a Jewish state and eligible for conversion are Israeli citizens, or any foreign citizens holding an A5 Visa according to the Law of Return...

If your status is different, or if you hold a permanent residency ( A5 Visa) you must apply to a Vaadat Charigim (Committee for irregular Cases) for permission to appear before the a rabbinic court that ultimately decides whether or not to allow conversion. For further information, please contact the Conversion Division in The Prime Minister's Office, Tel.: +972-2-5450100.

I recommend to consult with ITIM : [email protected] Tel: +972-2-6482205, 1-700-500-507